Where It’s At: The Flat

The Flat is a stones throw away from the Hewes stop on the J/M line in Williamsburg, its also a few minutes walk from the L on Lorimer or the G on Broadway. I’m not too familiar with the immediate area and given the close proximity to the subway stop, that remains the case!

Definitely more of a bar that hosts the occasional show rather than a concert venue, I’d be happy to just come to drink if I were in the neighbourhood. The decor is very Victorian inspired (are we supposed to just call that steampunk these days?), I looked at the pictures on their website before arriving and it looked like they were trying too hard but it works much better when you’re actually there. A chandelier hangs elegantly from the ceiling while Ghostbusters is projected onto one of the walls (maybe they just came from a sticky 285 Kent show…).

Drink options include a variety of cocktails at $9 a pop (I can recommend the old fashioned and the swervedriver), beer and shot options are available and a few drafts (I stuck with the Sixpoint Bengali Tiger at $6). The bathroom is… functional, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of having a big mirror so that I have to look at myself whilst I’m using the urinal, that’s enough to put me off anything.

Between sets and when the bar isn’t too busy, the AC turns this place into a fridge, you might need to order some whisky to get your temperature back up! The stage is at the far end of the room (raised a  token couple of inches), where a couple of benches and a coffee table usually occupy.

The venue isn’t exactly specialised for live performances, the sound is ok though nothing to write home about, with a couple of speakers above the performance area, I’ve definitely heard worse, however. You might have trouble seeing if you’re not in front of the stage and there isn’t much room to manoeuvre if it’s busy. What you will get at The Flat in terms of shows are artists off the beaten track. After the bands finish, DJs will keep you entertained until 4am should you wish to stick around. The lack of shows mean you won’t be hitting The Flat up regularly for gigs, but maybe you’ll be heading out on the J sooner rather than later.

Japanther are in this picture somewhere…

See our listings (if any) for The Flat here.


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