CMJ Artist to Watch: Roomrunner

Over 1,400 artists are playing CMJ this year. It’s impossible to see ‘em all, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the Music Marathon.

Who They Are: Roomrunner are fronted by Denny Bowen, who music nerds might recognize from Double Dagger. The Baltimore band are rounded out by Jeff Byers on guitar, Dan Frome on bass (who also produces) and Bret Lanahan on drums.

What They Sound Like: If riffs could kill, then Roomrunner would be a weapon of mass destruction. Most people talk about some kind of 90s revivalist grunge thing here, but whatever, they have some of the most inventive and ruthless sounds created by the guitar bass and drums combination you will ever hear.

What They’re Up To: Their debut album, Ideal Cities, was released this May and delivered big time on the promise from their two previous EPs (one self-titled and 2012’s Super Vague). All of their releases are available via Fan Death records.

Where To See ‘Em At CMJ: You only have one chance at the moment; they’re part of a line up at Silent Barn that also includes Speedy Ortiz on the 19th of October. Hit up our showcase and then scoot on over to Bushwick.

Essential Listening: Ideal Cities is probably my favourite record of 2013.



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