CMJ Artist to Watch: TEEN

Over 1,400 artists are playing CMJ this year. It’s impossible to see ‘em all, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the Music Marathon.

Who They Are: TEEN formed in 2010 and are a Brookyln four-piece consisting of sisters Teeny (ex-Here We Go Magic), Lizzie and Katherine Lieberson along with bassist Jane Herships.

What They Sound Like: Psychedelic pop with layered synths, gorgeous vocals and driving rhythms.

What They’re Up To: Their kickstarter-funded EP, Carolina, was released in June, produced by Daniel Schlett (who also produced DIIV’s album, Oshin) and is a fine addition to their blossoming discography; which includes debut EP, Little Doods and 2012’s album, In Limbo. They’ve also just released a new song called Big Talk (posted below).

Where To See ‘Em At CMJ: You have three chances to see them at CMJ: First they hit the Bowery Ballroom on the 15th of October, followed by a FREE midday show at Cake Shop on the 16th which also includes Weekend. Finally for the night owls, TEEN also play a late show on the 16th at Cameo Gallery which includes a mouthwatering lineup of Eternal Summers, Bleeding Rainbow and Quilt.

Essential Listening: You can’t really go wrong with any of their releases but I’ll throw a couple of songs your way.


Big Talk


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