CMJ Artist to Watch: Bad Cop

Over 1,400 artists are playing CMJ this year. It’s impossible to see ‘em all, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the Music Marathon.

Who They Are: Bad Cop are a four piece from Nashville, Tennessee consisting of Adam Moult (Vocals), Alex Hartness (Guitar), Mike Frazier (Bass) and Kevin Kilpatrick (Drums).

What They Sound Like: I took a completely blind punt on this after reading the promo sticker on their album, Harvest the Beast. It did a good job, so I’ll simply reproduce it: A bitches brew of southern fried garage, psyche, blues & post-punk that will sear your cranium.

What They’re Up To: They just released a new EP called Light On via Jeffrey Drag Records (who have also put out records by fellow Nashville bands Turbo Fruits and Natural Child.)

Where To See ‘Em At CMJ: A Distiller Promo showcase at Union Pool on the 18th of October, along with Heliotropes, The Can’t Tells and more. UPDATE: They’re also playing two shows on the 19th, one at Trash Bar and another at Fontanas with Bleeding Rainbow and Hunters (details on both to come).

Essential Listening: The track Daylight, from their debut album. You can also listen to the whole recording of the Light On EP below.


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