CMJ Artist to Watch: The Teen Age

Over 1,400 artists are playing CMJ this year. It’s impossible to see ‘em all, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the Music Marathon.

Who They Are: The Teen Age are a Brooklyn four-piece who have only been around since the start of the year, so there are few details about them to be found. That’s ok, though, I’d rather know nothing about a band I like than everything about one I don’t!

What They Sound Like: Take a little garage rock, sprinkle some doo-wop and surf and stir in a healthy dollop of fuzz into the mix and you have one of my favourite indie bands of the year. 

What They’re Up To: The band have been teasing us with a song here and there since the track, Evil, was uploaded in March on their bandcamp page (where you can hear the rest of their modest discography to date). New 7″ single, Matador, is their first physical release and came out on the 8th of October via Papercup Records.

Where To See ‘Em At CMJ: A Tinderbox/Oven Fresh Music CMJ Showcase at Spike Hill on the 16th of October.

Essential Listening: Here’s an irresistable trio of songs: new single, Matador, followed by Second Youth and Ventura.


Second Youth



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