CMJ Artist to Watch: Flashlights

Over 1,400 artists are playing CMJ this year. It’s impossible to see ‘em all, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the Music Marathon.

Who They Are: Flashlights are Will, Mel, Terry and Tony from Titusville, Florida.

What They Sound Like: I don’t like doing straight-up comparisons with bands but if you’re like me and love power-pop/punk bands like Superchunk you will certainly dig Flashlights.

What They’re Up To: Their latest EP, Don’t Take Me Seriously, can be streamed on their bandcamp page.

Where To See ‘Em At CMJ: Why, at the FREE My Social List showcase on Saturday the 19th of October, of course. Featuring Weekend, Hunters, Odonis Odonis and HSY, you are not going to find a better time during the day so come hang with us at Muchmore’s.  To make the deal even better, there is FREE beer courtesy of Sixpoint, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet then what is wrong with you? You can also catch Flashlights on the 16th at Cake Shop, and later in the evening on the 19th at Fontana’s that includes Roomrunner on the bill.

Essential Listening: I’m realling enjoying their EP so head over to their bandcamp page. Here’s also the single from 2011’s, I’m Not Alone album.


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