Artist to Watch: The Yellow Dogs

Who They Are: The Yellow Dogs are Obash, Koory, Looloosh and Arash from Tehran, Iran. Their music was deemed illegal in their home country (the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance are not down with much of anything). After they appeared in the movie, No-One Cares About Persian Catsthey decided to flee Iran in 2010 and are currently based in Brooklyn.

What They Sound Like: Dancey post-punk, think Joy Division, Talking Heads and Gang of Four. I saw them at Glasslands back in May after Sisu played their set, it was late, I was tired, I had no idea who they were, I almost left… they blew me away.

What They’re Up To: They currently have two EPs, In the Kennel (2011) and Upper Class Complexity (2012). They play around Brooklyn often.

Where To See ‘Em: Get ready because they play Brooklyn Bowl TONIGHT!!! For future concerts, check here.

Essential Listening: You can hear both of their EPs (plus download a free song) on their bandcamp page, but they have two music videos below.

This City

Dance Floow


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