Where It’s At: Muchmore’s

Muchmore’s hosted both of our amazing CMJ showcase events this year. If you weren’t there then you definitely missed out. See our Saturday showcase recap featuring Odonis Odonis and Weekend here, and a photo recap of Thursday over at Impose here. This bar/cafe/performance space offers a different vibe from most options in the area.

Odonis Odonis

The venue is located 2 Havemeyer St (and the corner of North 9th) in Williamsburg, a couple of blocks away from the Bedford L stop, and just a few blocks from the Metropolitan Av G line.

There are two main rooms in the building, when you first enter you are in the cafe/bar. It’s a nice chilled out space with plenty of seats, also open during the day and has wifi. I have to say, the pour-over coffee here is really fucking good, the best I’ve had in this neighbourhood and I’d happily just come in and grab one even if I weren’t coming for a show.

As well as fucking good coffee, there is a rotation of reasonably priced drafts ($5) as well as wine and cocktails. Sandwiches are also available. You’re also just a block away from Best Pizza if you want to grab a decent slice before or after.

The performance space is basically a large living room, complete with sofas! You also get to marvel at one of the best murals at a concert venue.

The wall at the back of the room has a bit of a Radiohead vibe to it, or is that just me?

The bathroom could use some graffiti, especially given the quality of what’s on show elsewhere.

The stage is tucked away in the corner of the room and is only raised a few inches, which might make it hard for everyone to see if things get packed. While the setup doesn’t look like much, the sound is good and not overly loud. It’s a small space, and I’d guess capacity is around 70, it would be very easy to go over the top with amplifiers but they have two modest speakers flanking the stage and it works really well.


I had come here in the summer during the Northside Festival in June and at the time the venue seemed a bit more of a work in progress but they have a really nice little setup going here now. Come grab a coffee, see a show, chill out. Check our listings for upcoming events, it’s also work keeping an eye on their website because they also host other types of events that don’t necessarily fly on our radar.


And as a bonus, here is some video footage I took of The Teen Age back in June.



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