Artist to Watch: Anna Calvi

Any given week there are hundreds of shows to see in New York City. It’s impossible to hit all of them, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the week.

Who They Are: Anna Calvi is a solo artist from England, in one of those rare “I was there” moments we all crave for, I saw Anna as a support act at The Water Rats in London in 2009 and she made my jaw drop. It was a painful two-year wait for her debut album to come out after that but it was well worth it.

What They Sound Like: Anna uses the whole spectrum of sound and a widescreen production in her music. She knows when to leave space for songs to breathe and when to soar to a natural crescendo. It’s the ease with which Anna is comfortable in such a wide dynamic range and volume that demands attention from the listener. The music is often described as dark, but I personally find it very uplifting. To use another artform by way of comparison, imagine a David Lynch movie soundtracked by Ennio Morricone, Nice Cave and Jeff Buckley.

What They’re Up To: Her second album, One Breath, was released in October, and continues the breathtaking work of her debut.

Where To See ‘Em: I’m giving you a couple of weeks headsup here so no excuses. Anna is playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg on the 11th of November, details here. Future shows will be announced here. She is best experienced live when her vocal and guitar skills really come to the fore, do not miss her.

Essential Listening: Her eponymous debut from 2011 remains one of the most confident and strongest ever released, with a rare sense of identity, I can not recommend it highly enough. One Breath picks where she left off.

Suzanne and I

New single Eliza


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