Artist to Watch: Journalism

On any given week there are hundreds of shows to see in New York City. It’s impossible to hit all of them, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the week.

Who They Are: A three-piece from Brooklyn, Journalism have been playing around New York over the last year and on the strength of their live show should be starting to find their way on peoples radars sooner rather than later.

What They Sound Like: There are post-punk and garage-rock sounds in their songs, but I suspect the term most often used would be the catch-all “indie” label.

What They’re Up To: They only have three songs floating around right now, you can download them all for free at their bandcamp page.

Where To See ‘Em: Ran Tea House on Friday the 8th of November along with Scherzo, Dark Room and Thick Voltage.  Keep an eye on future shows here.

Essential Listening: Latest song, Denim Jesus, is filled with a glorious post-punk tone and some cool arpeggios before building up to a thrashing solo which has probably caused many a broken string.


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