Artist to Watch: Hector’s Pets

On any given week there are hundreds of shows to see in New York City. It’s impossible to hit all of them, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the week.

Who They Are: I see this as more of a Public Service Announcement, rather than a simple Artist to Watch profile. Hector’s Pets have been a staple in the live DIY scene for the last couple of years so if you haven’t seen them by now I’m not sure where you have been. By way of Austin, Texas, this Brooklyn-based band consist of the following “Pets”: Wet Pet (vox, guitar), Heavy Pet (guitar, vox), Pocket Pet (bass, vox), Exotic Pet (percussion, vox) and Teacher’s Pet (drums).

What They Sound Like: The Pets are all about hooks, guitar-driven garage rock doesn’t get much catchier. If you don’t start humming the “ohh-la-la-la-la” parts to Station Wagon then you might want to check your pulse. It’s not all sugar, though, they rock as hard as Wet Pet’s guns (seriously, those are some heavy duty biceps).

What They’re Up To: They entered the studio to being recording their debut album in September, so let’s hope for a 2014 release.

Where To See ‘Em: With some regularity! However, their next stop is at Union Pool playing with also unmissable, Liquor Store, on Friday. For future Pets shows, click this link.

Essential Listening: Year of the Pets!

And here’s a Breakthrough Radio session.


2 thoughts on “Artist to Watch: Hector’s Pets

  1. Thank You My social list team for saving my social life.
    Please have Hector’s Pet play in Boston next weekend to save my relationship.
    I have nothing to do for my girlfriends birthday in Boston.
    this is getting serious…
    Should I fake my death???

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