Where It’s At: Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Brooklyn Night Bazaar is a night market, art fair, food festival and concert space; open every Friday and Saturday. Best of all, the shows are completely free. As we previously noted, this is now its permanent location having moved from 45 North 5th street.

Purling Hiss

Located at 165 Banker Street in Greenpoint, the 24,000-square-foot warehouse is best reached via the Nassau Av G stop (which should hopefully stop sucking at some point), or a 10-minute walk from the Bedford L station.

Our primary focus will always be the bands, but inside you’ll find a variety of craft and food vendors, a mini-golf course, ping pong, a mobile library and a few bars scattered around, as well as the standard array of moustaches in this part of town.

There is plenty of variety for food, and I had a pretty tasty arancini ball, though maybe a little pricey at $5 a pop (I bet this priest didn’t even pay that much for balls). Better still was a chocolate-pecan pie, but don’t take my word for it…

There are a few beer options, most of which are $6 (cheapest option is a Modelo at $5), everything I noticed was a can but the Sly Fox beer I had was good. There was also someone roaming around with a beer cooler should you feel too lazy to actually walk to the nearest bar. I was surprised there wasn’t anywhere selling coffee, I was really jonesing for some as well…

The stage is at the far end of the building, which is where the food court is (note that if you want something sweet then those vendors are at the front of the building, take a right as soon as you walk in).  It features a backdrop of 5 large screens which isn’t something you normally see for shows of this scale.

I’d read about long lines outside and it being pretty crowded during the show. I didn’t have any problems at all but I did fight my way through the snow to get there which I’m guessing put some people off. It was busy, but not oppressive. The space around the stage is probably only good for around 150 people or so before things would start spilling out into the other aisles or the seated area where people are usually eating.

Diarrhea Planet

The sound is actually very good. It can’t be easy getting the levels right for Diarrhea Planet, but all four guitarists came through perfectly clear, the drums had a nice snap to them and the bass rumbled along. The screaming guitars of Purling Hiss were also spectacular and Big Ups have really upped their game since I last saw them back in June.

Big Ups

The crowd were a little more subdued than usual for a Diarrhea Planet show , which I think is probably down to the fact that despite the stage, large screens and decent sound, it is tucked away in the corner or a much larger and open space. Also factor in that not everyone is there specifically to see the show and you get a slightly odd audience, but despite that, the bands were still excellent. I do think, however, that you have to go in with the kind of mindset; this place isn’t all about the gig.

Brooklyn Bazaar has some great shows booked up so far, so be sure to keep an eye on our listings HERE. If they sort the beer out (some options on draught would be nice) and add somewhere to get coffee then they will be in my good books.


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