Where It’s At: Cameo Gallery

Cameo Gallery is a multi-functional building; operating as a concert venue, art space, nightclub and restaurant. It opened in early 2009, taking over what used to be Anytime Cafe.

Located at 93 North 6th Street in Williamsburg, it’s a block away from the Music Hall and just a short walk from the Bedford L train.

Girls Names

The venue splits into two main rooms, the restaurant/bar as you enter the building and the performance space in the back.

The restaurant/bar used to be known as The Loving’ Cup but more recently it has just morphed into part of the Cameo, you can check out the menu here. I’ve eaten here once and got the “Everytime Burger” which was good, although the fries were a little too thin for my liking (I’d like some potato).

There’s little need to pre-game elsewhere as early patrons can enjoy a generous happy hour during 5-8pm; $4 margaritas are a steal (I think I had four last time), the same amount of cash will also get you one of the following: a glass of wine, bourbon punch or a well drink, whilst $6 will get you a beer and a shot and there is $2 off any beer. The website says happy hour is on weekdays but it seems to be in effect on the weekend as well. They have Lagunitas IPA on tap so a thumbs up here.

The bathrooms for the front bar have a slightly sinister red lighting to them, I’m half expecting a serial killer to come up behind me and knock me out…

The bathroom in the concert space is a little less worthy of comment. It’s to the left of the stage as you look at it (you have to walk past it), although when you come back out the lights are shining in your face and it’s a little hard to see until you clear them!

After Glasslands lost their “clouds” installation, I think Cameo Gallery now has the most distinctive look overhanging a stage. If you stare up at it for too long you may just go into some kind of LED-induced trance.

There is another bar just after you enter the performance space.

Capacity at a guess is around 200. The sound quality is good, and not overbearing at all which can be a problem for small venues who set up like they’re an arena. The soundboard is in the middle of the room but that is the only obstruction and would only bother latecomers to a packed show.

The lighting is a bit on the low side on the occasions I’ve have been, which makes taking decent pictures a bit of a hassle (apart from those who don’t mind blinding everyone else by using the flash).

Dev Hynes
La Sera

Cameo Gallery offers a chilled atmosphere, generous happy hour and something a little off-the-radar for the most part. Keep up to date with upcoming events HERE.


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