Journalism and Slonk Donkerson played Pianos

With two “Artists to Watch” on the same bill it was rude not to head out to Pianos, even on a cold and wet Tuesday evening.

After tucking into a burger and having probably an extra happy hour drink than what is recommended, I stepped into the venue as openers Sham-poo took to the stage. Their songs were short and catchy, a nice dose of powerpop to get everyone warmed up.


Journalism have morphed into a four-piece since I first wrote about them, adding a second guitarist into the mix. The move works well, widening their already expansive sound. The songs are varied both in tone and pace, which is an underrated goal for most bands, there are far too many one-trick-ponies around right now and it’s refreshing to see an act with more of an identity. With an EP release looming, I’m expecting great things based on the two live shows I have seen.

I managed to capture Denim Jesus  on video.

Slonk Donkerson

For the last two weeks I’ve almost exclusively listened to Slonk Donkerson, their set at the Mercury Lounge on the 4th was a revelation (shout out to The Weekender!) and they tore it up once again. I haven’t taken so instantly to a band in a while and the more I listen the more I even hear a little bit of Moving Pictures-era Rush, particularly in the guitar sound. The new songs sound great and the interplay between the band onstage is impressive!

Mainland are in the middle of their 4-week residency at Pianos and took to the stage shortly after Slonk Donkerson, I was starting to come down from the highs of the previous two sets. Mainland’s songs are catchy but they are noticeably lighter and less intense than the music up to that point and my brain just wasn’t quite in that space.

The band are clearly fans of Pianos, however, along with their current residency the venue appears in their video for The Stroll.

Rounding off the night was Little Racer, though at this stage I was starting to flag a bit and ducked out a couple of songs into their set for some much needed rest! I won’t be around unfortunately but they play again at Cake Shop on the 30th on an enticing bill that contains Honduras, The Teen Age and Journalism, you should go!


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