Artist to Watch: Tweens

On any given week there are hundreds of shows to see in New York City. It’s impossible to hit all of them, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the week.

Who They Are: A three-piece from Cincinnati, Ohio: Bridge Battle (guitar/vocals), Jerri Queen (drums) and Peyton Copes (bass).

What They Sound Like: Tweens play a raw and high-energy blend of garage-punk and 60s bubble-gum girl-group pop with a great ear for a melodic hook. I was hugely impressed with their set at The Flat during CMJ and promptly snapped up one of their demos CD the band were selling.

What They’re Up To: Their self-titled debut album will be released on French Kiss on the 8th of April, and if it’s half as good as their demos then it promises to be a cracker.

Where To See ‘Em: They are opening for Murder City Devils at Webster Hall on the 8th of February (get tickets). Hopefully they will have some headline shows after the release of their debut album, get notified of all upcoming shows by tracking the band HERE.

Essential Listening: Here’s lead single Be Mean, along with the demo for Rattle and Rollin’. 


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