Where It’s At: Radio Bushwick

It had been a while coming, from the initial planning stages in July 2010, but Radio Bushwick opened its doors for their debut show in November 2013. Also a bar and soon to be radio station, it is of course currently playing host to our Winter Series.

Friend Roulette

Barely a couple of minutes walk off the Jefferson L stop at 22 Wyckoff Avenue (a stonesthrow from where Jay Z didn’t perform a secret show). Even those who are sheepish about heading out towards Bushwick can be reassured that the area is absolutely fine. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the supermarket next door became a Whole Foods in a few more years such is the gentrified feel of the immediate vicinity from the subway station.

You first hit the bar upon entering the venue (which you can go to without needing a ticket for a show), it features a larger beer selection than most concert venues with 12 taps so thumbs up for variety (although minus points for the Bud light…). A Lagunitas IPA will set you back $6 whilst there are also $5 beer-and-a-shot options.

Above image from darbeimages

The bathrooms are also in the front bar area (up to the bar, take a left and then come back on yourself) where you will find three separate stalls. Curiously the only sink is back out in the hallway, I chuckled at the graffiti under the “employees must wash hands” sign which simply read ‘where? In the toilet?’.

The concert hall is in the back and is definitely new and shiny, with exposed brick on one side and a handy set of cubed storage on the other to chuck coats, drinks, etc. But for the high ceiling the room has a bit of a Mercury Lounge vibe to it and I’d guess capacity is around the 300 mark.

The sound was a little muddy on occasion, which I put down to the high ceiling. I noticed it more when I was towards the back of the room, when I moved forward the sound was much better, so you might want to bear that in mind on your visit.

Grand Resort

As Williamsburg hits saturation point in terms of the number of music venues, Radio Bushwick is a nice new option. The wave of demand is catching up further along the L line in a trend that one assumes will surely continue.

Keep up to date with all the shows at Radio Bushwick here.

Dead Stars

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