Adam Buxton Is In NYC Tonight and Tomorrow

British comedian/actor Adam Buxton is playing a couple of small sets before heading to SXSW next week.

Tonight he will be at UCB East (details) whilst tomorrow he will be part of a free show at Botanica Bar (details). Longterm New Yorkers may know that the Botanica Bar is where the Knitting Factory first opened before moving on to Tribeca and now Williamsburg.

Buxton first became known in the mid-90s with The Adam and Joe Show in the UK, which was ahead of its time with its ramshackle DIY work ethic and blend of sketches, music parody and toy re-enactments (some clips below). He also directed a video for Radiohead’s Jigsaw Falling Into Place, which is also below the jump.

Whilst comparatively unknown in the US compared to his homeland, keen-eyes may recognise him from parts in films such as Hot Fuzz.

More recently his show, Bug, turned into a TV series.

Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place


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