NYC Popfest 2014

NYC Popfest has been bringing sunny-sounding guitar bands to New York since 2007 and usually has a trick or two up its sleeve. Last year featured the Monochrome Set’s first US shows in 30 years as well as the great New Zealand band, The Bats.

So far, the lineup this year offers a few intriguing options, including Swedish band The Garlands and California band Heathers (stream both bands below). On the nostalgia front, Flatmates and Haywains are both UK bands from the 80s.

You can currently buy 4-day passes for $60 and the initial line up is below the jump.

Here is the list of bands announced so far:

The Arctic Flow
Band A Part
Bart and Friends
The Besties
Colour Me Wednesday
Don’t Cry Shopgirl
Dressy Bessy
Franny and Zooey
The Garlands
The Hidden Cameras
Lost Tapes
Marine Life
My Favourite
The New Lines
Pam and Bart perform as The Cat’s Miaow + The Shapiros
The Spook School
Stars in Coma
Tape Waves
He Zebras



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