SXSW Artist to Watch: WATCHOUT!

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SXSW may have grown up, but the underground is still alive, with hundreds of unknown bands set to hit Austin stages this week. Meet one of Chile’s most exciting psychedelic exports, WATCHOUT!

Who They Are: Martin, Gonzalo and Nicolás and Francisco are from Santiago, Chile, which is home to a veritable goldmine of psychedelic rock bands. The band formed in 2007 and currently have two albums to their name.

What They Sound Like:  All those great Nuggets bands from the 60s, they know when to send you to space and when to lull you with Beatles-esque melodies.

What They’re Up To: Currently coming up with new music for their third album, which should be out on Chile’s fantastic Blow Your Mind record label, while a collection of unreleased songs from their second album, Flashbacker are due for release soon.

SXSW Schedule: 
3/13: 9:30PM – 10:00PM – Presented by: AUSTIN PSYCH FEST presents LEVITATION AUSTIN

3/15: 11:00AM – 11:40AM – International Day Stage Austin Convention Center

When Can I See Them In NYC? IT looks like we’re missing out this time, which is a shame, since their fellow countrymen, Föllakzoid and The Holydrug Couple played my favourite show of 2013. Aside from SXSW, a brief tour will take them to Chicago (who despite not knowing how to make pizza, do dig Chilean rock music with the help of Permanent Records) and California.

Essential Listening: It’s hard to go wrong if you dig that 60s garage-rock sound, a perfect example is the track, Wish You Know.  For more, check out their bandcamp page.


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