SXSW Pick: Coachwhips

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SXSW isn’t just for the noobs anymore. Over the past several years, established acts have begun flocking to Austin and even we have to admit, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. So whether you know every lyric or are just hearing them for the first time, we want to highlight Coachwhips.

Why You Should Know Them: Maybe you’re more familiar with John Dwyer from Thee Oh Sees, but before that he was rocking out in Coachwhips. With Thee Oh Sees taking a break, Dwyer is putting some energy into his old school project, who blitzed through five albums in their short career.

Latest News: Their album, Hands on the Controls, is being reissued by Dwyer’s Castle False Records. It’s hard to tell how finite this reunion will be as the Dwyer bandwagon shows little sign of slowing down, with a recently released solo album as Damaged Bug, while Thee Oh Sees are due another album in April!

SXSW Schedule: 

03-11 Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas
03-12 Austin, TX – Panache Bruise Cruise
03-13 Austin, TX – Yellowjacket (Brixton Party)
03-14 Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas (Castle Face Party)
03-14 Austin, TX – Gypsy (Sailor Jerry Party)
03-15 Austin, TX – Spider House
03-15 Austin, TX – Beerland

When Can I See Them In NYC? I’d say it’s probably unlikely, the only non-SXSW show is a show in LA on the 8th of March. But you never know, Dwyer has a habit of surprising. Their last show before this reunion was in New York back in 2005 afterall.


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