SXSW Artist to Watch: Solids

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SXSW may have grown up, but the underground is still alive, with hundreds of unknown bands set to hit Austin stages this week. Meet Montreal two-piece, Solids.

Who They Are: Xavier Germain Poitras (vocals, guitars) & Louis Guillemette (drums, vocals) are from Montreal. While we’ve been raving about bands from Toronto for a while now, Montreal has quietly been churning out some great stuff too like The Besnard Lakes, No Joy and Tim Hecker to name a few.

What They Sound Like: A hell of a racket for a mere two-piece. While the 90s seem to be enjoying something of a comeback with grunge and shoegaze bands bursting through the woodwork, Solids come from the scuzzier end of the scale, teetering on the edge of falling off the tracks but keeping it all together.

What They’re Up To: Debut album, Blame Confusion, is hot off the press having been released last month. The band are about to embark on a tour across the country in support of it.

SXSW Schedule: 3/13 at 12:00AM – 12:40AM. Presented by: M for Montreal at Maggie Mae’s (323 E 6th St).

When Can I See Them In NYC? Soon! They are playing at Glasslands on the 24th of March (tickets) and Mercury Lounge on the 25th (tickets), both shows see PUP and Pachangacha open. Follow Solids and never miss another show.

Essential Listening: Let’s go with the single, Haze Away. Stream the rest of the album on their bandcamp page.


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