Glasslands hosting select shows for 18+

We sure dig Glasslands, having presented shows at the venue recently; featuring the likes of Diarrhea Planet, Potty MouthYvette and more.

Shows at Glasslands have recently always been for people aged 21 and over, but now they are hosting some shows for those who are the sprightly age of 18. If you’ve not long began growing hair in funny places, keep an eye on the events page and see if you’re allowed out, maybe even on a school night!

We’re all about inclusion here at My Social List, so we’re pretty happy that the venue is allowed to open its doors to more people a few times a month, some of which are listed below the jump, as well as helpful documentary footage for when you head out into the world.

A few shows for the 18-20 year olds to get extra excited about: Frankie Cosmos on the 28th of April, Slow Magic on the 1st of MayWeekend on 4th of May.

It’s also worth pointing out that Glasslands has also installed a ramp at the venue, making it easier for wheelchair access, moving the merch stand to the back of the venue in the process (which makes much more sense anyway).

Permit me a minute to digress how silly I think the 21+ laws are anyway… not Glassland’s rules of course, I’m talking about the man, man! I’m used to 18+ being considered “adult”, being from the UK and spending enough time in the US during the last decade, I can see how an age requirement of 21 and over gives alcohol a sense of forbidden fruit. Those are three wasted (legal) years of getting to learn your limits, making bad decisions, and more. Better to roll those into the years you are going to making bad choices for other reasons as well! The younger you get acquainted with alcohol, to be enjoyed rather than something that can just make you hanker for a 3am kebab (a casual drink with family at dinner, etc), the quicker you learn to be responsible with it.

I’ll see you at the bar. Well, maybe not you, youngster, but enjoy the show!



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