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Interview: Brick Mower

New Jersery’s “living room punk” three-piece, Brick Mower, are about to release Teenage Graceland on the 25th of March (see Artist to Watch profile). Before their record release show this Friday at The Acheron, we talked touring, baking, burritos and more.

Job Advert: Brick Mower are on the lookout for a touring drummer. If interested, please contact the band.

MSL: Teenage Graceland is your third album, and your second on Don Giovanni records, what was the recording process like? Did you try anything new or do you know what you want before entering the studio?

Brick Mower: The recording process for this record was definitely a different experience. In the past it’s been so rushed and stripped, which was what we wanted at the time. But this record is, while for sure unpolished, a bit more nuanced and a little more time was taken. We also just had more ideas for this record as opposed to being completely 100% song oriented. Also, I feel like this record is a good representation of us as a band, and what we wanted to do when we first originated.

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Celebrate Brooklyn’s Executive Producer Told Us About New Venue

As we briefly mentioned in our venue news roundup last week, the team behind Celebrate Brooklyn opened BRIC House at the beginning of October. We interviewed Jack Walsh, Celebrate Brooklyn’s executive producer, about the new space.

The project to renovate the old Strand Theatre cost around $35million and was funded by the city. It sounds like a lot, but how far does that kind of money go, did funds end up being tight?

This renovation reclaimed 40,000 square foot of unused space in the building to create a café and public lobby, large contemporary art gallery, new glass-walled TV studio,artist studio for small performances, rehearsals and residencies; and the Ballroom, a flexible performance space with multiple configurations including 440 capacity for standing music concerts, and 240 capacity for seated music, dance and theater performances. It was a real transformation of the building that opened up the inside of the building at the street level to draw people into the building, and was all done very thoughtfully out of consideration for BRIC’s needs. To that end, BRIC has contributed funds to augment what the City scope covered and will continue to fundraise for some additional outfitting.

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