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Artist to Watch: Disco Doom

On any given week there are hundreds of shows to see in New York City. It’s impossible to hit all of them, so the experts on the My Social List team will be hand-picking their “can’t miss” artists for the week.

Who They Are: The core line up of Anita Rufer, Gabriele De Mario and Flo Goette are supplemented by a rotating cast of drummers and keyboard players. Based out in Zurich, Switzerland, Disco Doom released their first record in 2002.

What They Sound Like: If I mentioned they have recently toured alongside Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr, Deerhoof, Butthole Surfers and Black Angels you might start to paint a picture in your head. Disco Doom are on the fuzzier side of things, I saw them supporting Built to Spill in Oxford in 2008 and was impressed with their live sound, which was a bit more full on than their studio work.

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